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  • Gel Polish

    Includes dry manicure, gel polish and hand massage

    60 minutes, £20.00

  • Nail art

    sparkles, colour tape, gems

    5 minutes, £0.50

  • Gel Polish French/ombré

    80 minutes, £24.00

  • Oap Gel Polish

    60 minutes, £18.00

  • Gel Polish Fingers and Toes

    90 minutes, £35.00

  • Gel Polish Removal

    30 minutes, £5.00

  • Gel Manicure

    Cuticle soak, hand cleanse, scrub, cuticle removal, gel polish and hand/arm massage

    60 minutes, £34.00

  • Luxury manicure

    Includes nail shape, trim, cuticle work, polish removal (excludes gel polish) hand soak, scrub, hand/arm massage and nail polish.

    90 minutes, £28.00

  • Luxury Gel Manicure

    as luxury manicure/pedicure but with gel polish.

    120 minutes, £38.00

  • Gel Pedicure

    Foot soak, foot scrub, cuticle work and shape, foot/ leg massage and gel polish

    60 minutes, £36.00

  • Luxury pedicure

    Includes nail shape and file, cuticle work, polish removal (excludes gel polish) foot soak and scrub, filing of hard skin, foot and leg massage and nail polish.

    90 minutes, £28.00

  • Luxury Gel Pedicure

    Foot Soak, foot scrub, cuticle work, filing, hard skin file off, heated bootees with foot mask/paraffin wax, foot and leg massage, Gel application.

    90 minutes, £42.00

  • Dry Manicure

    Cuticle tidy, file and buff

    10 minutes, £4.00

  • Beautiful Brows ** 48 Hour Patch Test Required**

    A process that involves tinting threading, waxing, tweezing, trimming, blending and eyelash tinting.


    60 minutes, £30.00

  • Beautiful Brows & Lashes **48 Hour Patch Test Required**

    This is the same as Beautiful Brows but also includes a lash lift.


    90 minutes, £40.00

  • Lash Lift and Tint **48 Hour Patch Test Required**

    lash lift perm to really give the eyes a more open appearance with a tint. 


    60 minutes, £25.00

  • Eyelash Tint **48 Hour Patch Test Required**

    Patch test required 48 Hours in advance

    15 minutes, £8.00

  • Eyebrow Tint **48 Hour Patch Test Required**

    patch test required 48 Hours in advance

    15 minutes, £6.00

  • Acrylic Nail Extensions Tips

    Acrylic nail extensions with tips, includes dry manicure

    140 minutes, £28.00

  • Gel Extensions Tips

    Gel extensions with tips, includes dry manicure

    140 minutes, £28.00

  • Acrylic/gel Extensions With Gel Polish

    180 minutes, £34.00

  • Gel/acrylic Infills With Gel Polish

    100 minutes, £26.00

  • Gel or Acrylic Overlays

    60 minutes, £20.00

  • Acrylic/gel Overlays With Gel Polish

    90 minutes, £26.00

  • Gel or acrylic refills/rebalance

    if infilled before 3 weeks

    120 minutes, £22.00

  • Acrylic or gel removal

    I will not remove somebody else's work as I will not know what products they have used

    45 minutes, £10.00

  • Acrylic/gel Extensions Including Removal of Old Acrylic or Gel

    5 minutes, £34.00

  • Nail repair

    If broken within 3 days

    15 minutes, £2.50

  • Brow Wax

    15 minutes, £8.00

  • Hand &arm Massage

    20 minutes, £8.00

  • Male Manicure

    Hand soak, salt scrub, cuticle work, nail file and buff, hand and arm massage

    50 minutes, £20.00

  • Male Manicure - Luxury

    As male manicure but with hand mask and heated mitts

    70 minutes, £24.00

  • Male Pedicure

    Foot cleanse, soak, scrub, cuticle work, nail file and foot/leg massage

    60 minutes, £22.00

  • Male Pedicure - Luxury

    As male educate but with foot masque and heated bootees or Yoel wrap

    80 minutes, £26.00

  • Patch Test

    Please come for test at least 24 hours in advance

    5 minutes, £0.00

  • Lip Wax

    10 minutes, £3.00

  • Chin Wax

    5 minutes, £3.00

  • Lash Extensions

    Individual lashes are applied one to one, the timing and price of this treatment is variable depending on how many lashes the client has. Maintenance is required and infills need to be carried out every 2-3 weeks


    PlEASE NOTE. A patch test is required 24 hours in advance... Show more

    180 minutes, £35.00

  • Lash Infils

    Top up of individual lash extensions. If left longer than three weeks the price will be charged for a new set

    90 minutes, £24.00

  • File and Polish

    Tidy up, file and nail polish

    30 minutes, £10.00

  • 1/2 Leg Wax

    45 minutes, £16.00

  • Full Leg Wax

    70 minutes, £22.00

  • Bikini Wax

    30 minutes, £16.00

  • Under Arm Wax

    25 minutes, £9.00

  • 1/2 Leg and Bikini Wax

    70 minutes, £24.00

  • Full Leg and Bikini Wax

    90 minutes, £30.00

  • Sideburns

    15 minutes, £4.00

  • 1/2 Arm Wax

    30 minutes, £7.00

  • Full Arm Wax

    45 minutes, £14.00

  • Back Wax

    45 minutes, £20.00

  • Shoulder Wax

    30 minutes, £15.00

  • Organic Essential Facial

    Introductory facial or for those in a hurry! Includes a hot foot cleanse, deep facial cleanse, exfoliation, treatment mask and moisturiser

    60 minutes, £25.00

  • Organic Signature Facial

    High performance results driven facial. Focusing on improving skin condition and appearance for a nourishing glow. Designed to rejuvenate, revitalise and nourish. 

    Includes - hot foot cleanse, deep double face & neck cleanse and décolleté, exfoliation, steam treat... Show more

    60 minutes, £35.00

  • Luxury Organic Anti-aging Facial

    70 minutes, £45.00

  • Spray Tan **48 Hour Patch Test**

    Organic, natural vegan, loved by Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more celebs. 

    Superior spray tan that leaves minimaltransfer, no horrid stickiness or overpowering smells.

    Please make sure to exfoliate, shave wax at least 24 hours in advance and wear no cosmetics... Show more

    40 minutes, £20.00

  • Foot and 1/2 Leg Massage

    20 minutes, £8.00

  • Strip Lashes

    Strip lashes for a glam night out, last about 3 days

    PATCH TEST REQUIRED 24 hours in advance

    20 minutes, £10.00

  • Individual Flare Lashes

    Lasting for approx 5 days, slightly longer lasting and fuller than strip lashes. Please note that a 24 hot patch test is required

    40 minutes, £18.00

  • Spa Swedish Massage

    An invigorating massage, which treats the whole body, including the face and head

    85 minutes, £35.00

  • Express Swedish Massage

    45 minutes, £28.00

  • Indian Head Masssge

    A blissfully relaxing massage, which incorporates the upper back, arms, kneck, face and head

    45 minutes, £25.00

  • Hot Stone Massage

    An holistic body treatment, using massage techniques with hot lava stones to heal and relax, also using crystals to clear chakras and also using a dry body scrub

    75 minutes, £55.00

  • Aromatherapy Massage

    Organic essential oils, mixed according to each persons individual needs, this is a lovely, soothing, relaxing massage experience

    60 minutes, £45.00

  • Aromatherapy Full Body Including Head

    85 minutes, £50.00

  • Henna Brows **patch Test Required**

    A great alternative to tinting, henna has been around for thousands of years  and has been used to transfer colour onto skin. Supercillium brow henna lasts on the skin for up to two weeks depending on skin cell turnover. It’s a more natural organic choice and doesn’t contain... Show more

    45 minutes, £22.00

  • Henna Beautiful Brows **48 Hour Patch Test**

    High definition brows with henna brow dye, a more natural and longer lasting alternative to brow tintinting. Includes - cleansing, eyebrow shampoo, eyebrow mapping, henna tinting, waxing, plucking, threading and eyelash tint

    75 minutes, £40.00

  • Henna Beautiful Brows and Lashes **48 Hour Patch Test Required

    As above with eyelash lift

    90 minutes, £50.00

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